Vip Manager – Vip Control Manager SL


Vip Manager was conceived and developed exclusively for your club’s needs. Welcome to the digital era!

Vip Manager was developed under the supervision of nightlife and public relations experts and tested at a leading club for 5 years.
Use the simple and intuitive system to optimise and efficiently organise VIP reservations in venues, nightclubs, restaurants and nightlife spots.

Resolve the issues that commonly arise when making reserved area reservations: disorganisation; missed reservations; duplicate reservations; lack of control over giveaways and discounts; and making a bad impression on customers.
Venue managers can check which of their PR or sales staff is selling most tables and control operation of what best gives the venue its upmarket feel.
Customers get the impression of an innovative and modern venue, improving the upmarket image of the business.

Users and profiles are added using an online manager controlled exclusively by the person in charge of the venue.

Each and every step of a reservation is kept under control: who made it, who is making use of it/freeing it up/cancelling it/changing it, purchases per period, running totals, etc.

Take absolute control of VIP tables, customers, reservations and beverage orders. These are just some of the characteristics of VIP Manager’

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