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Colorful diamonds + 2D geometry bricks + Challenging puzzle = Diamond Block – Fun Puzzle Game!

Diamond Block is a challenging and completely new block puzzle game! Train your brain cells. Master the game, tap the bricks and make all diamond blocks have the same color. Try to use as little time as possible to complete the puzzle game. Download our block puzzle game Now!

You can also see our puzzle game as a 2D Rubik’s Cubes game. In each level the game board consists of many 2D geometry cubes. The aim of the game is to find all the same colorful jewel cubes hidden in square cubes. After finding all the same jewel cubes, you win! This game is super entertaining and has an interesting and surprising interface. Check it out, you’ll get addicted! Challenge yourself and show off your talent.

– Diamond Block’s Game Rules –
The game rules are easy. By clicking on a grey diamond block you can convert its color. In this game, you have to change the color of all blocks so that they look the same. No flip. But while you tap on one block, the neighboring blocks will change their color in the cross-shaped area! Doesn’t it sound interesting? Will you be able to find all the colorful diamonds?

In each level you need to find all the colorful diamond blocks in the fastest time possible. Share it with friends and check who can get more points. Each level has different difficulty, the fun is endless!

– Diamond Block’s Key Features-
•Easy and intuitive block puzzle game.
•Be careful, tapping will change the neighboring bricks colors!
•60 levels full of amusing and surprising challenges.
•Enjoying it whenever and wherever you are.
•No Wi-Fi? no problem!
•Beautiful sound and visual experience.
•Refresh the best record constantly!

Try Diamond Block challenge now! Have any good suggestions for us? If yes, please leave your comment in the review section. You can also report problems on our Facebook page! We’ll carefully check each player’s suggestions and work hard for your better game experience!
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